If you are looking to replace your windows or if you are choosing windows for a new build or extension, then along with thermal performance, security, and noise insulation, you will surely be looking for windows with the most extended lifespan.

Purchasing windows with the longest life span will save you money in the long run and increase the value of your home or premises.

Durable & Long Lasting Windows

Here we reveal which window materials and designs have the longest life expectancy.

uPVC Windows

Modern good quality uPVC windows can last between 25-35 years with expert installation. uPVC has excellent properties that meet the thermal needs of homeowners and the durability and strength to keep burglars out when paired with multi-point locking systems.

Aluminium Windows

Aluminium is considered the longest-lasting and most durable window framing material. Aluminium windows are an excellent choice for modern homes and provide an essentially maintenance-free solution.

Aluminium frames are powder coated with a polyester-based material that is coloured to your specifications, creating a barrier between the metal and the elements. With a bit of care and an occasional clean, your aluminium windows might have a lifespan of 45 years or more.

It is best to choose aluminium profiles with a thermal break because these make the window resistant to expansion and deformation caused by high heat exposure.

Sliding Sash Windows

The lifespan of sliding sash windows will largely depend on their quality and the material they are made from. If looked after and maintained, timber sliding sash windows can last for decades. However, the modern homeowner rarely has the time or expertise to carry out such maintenance, making uPVC or aluminium a more convenient choice.

uPVC sliding sash windows have the lowest lifetime cost, and you should choose the best quality windows you can afford. These high-quality units have the most robust and most durable moving parts and seals.

Tilt And Turn Windows

Tilt and turn windows can last for 25 years or more, depending on the frame material. Once again, it is a good idea to purchase good quality windows due to the number of parts in the complex opening system of these windows.

Roof Lanterns

Roof lanterns are loved by many because they bring natural outdoor light into homes, which is particularly vital in homes where there are few opportunities to install wall windows. These skylights will often offer a life expectancy of twenty to thirty years with excellent U-values and extra benefits such as helping to prevent Seasonal Affective Disorder.

As with all of the window configurations and frame materials that we have discussed, installation plays a crucial part in lifespan. Be sure to choose a contractor with plenty of experience and a reputation that demonstrates their passion for quality workmanship and customer service.

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