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If you are looking to add an eye-catching feature that will leave you reaching for the stars, then our range of roof lanterns are ready to brighten up your home. Today’s roof lanterns have modern, sleek designs in both classic and contemporary styles available in many different sizes.

A firm favourite in new builds and extensions, roof lanterns are incredibly adept at bringing light into your home’s important spaces, such as the kitchen and dining areas. They attract the eye to the vertical aspect of the room, making smaller rooms feel more expansive.

Make The Most of Your Natural Light

You can make the most of your natural light by allowing this to flood into rooms through a lantern skylight. Flat roof lanterns will brighten any space, and due to their location, the light will sweep into your home. The unit itself can be a real showstopper and a centrepiece for your guests to admire. Not only will all eyes be on your roof lanterns, but it will also be a long-term investment that will enhance the price of your property.

Energy Saving Windows

Installing skylight windows have great U-values and will save you in energy bills and help protect the environment, too, by reducing the need to use lighting. Roof lanterns improve health and wellbeing and are also beneficial for those who suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). If you are ready to feel happier during the winter months, these energy-saving windows are for you.

If you are looking for thermal performance, sound insulation, and a finish in any colour, we have the product you need. For more details on our extensive range of sky pods and uPVC roof lanterns, contact a team member today.

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