The entrance to your home is the first thing that people see, so if you want to ramp up your home’s kerb appeal, it makes sense to invest in a new front door. However, there are many front door colours, each conveying a different style and meaning, making your decision more important than ever.

So, where do you begin when picking your new front door colour?

What To Consider When Choosing A Front Door Colour

If you are choosing a new front door colour, then your options include:

Red: Associated with passion, vigour, and energy, red exterior doors gain their popularity by being pairable with many other colours. If bright red is too vibrant for you, you can consider more subtle tones such as crimson or burgundy.

Black: A black new front door will match with any surroundings and is often associated with high-quality. Brushed chrome handles and accessories finish this style perfectly.

Grey: This has become one of the most popular new front door colours. Grey can be paired with bright colours or standalone if you are looking to achieve a more understated aesthetic.

Blue: This colour is many people’s favourite, and a new front door in blue can be reminiscent of the ocean or summer sky. There are many hues to choose from, ranging from dark to bright or pale.

Orange: These doors demand attention and need to be balanced with a frame and home facade that is more calming, less they become overpowering. Tones include the ever-popular terracotta.

Yellow: This adds warmth and suggests a playful owner that values fun and happiness resides in this home. The tone does not necessarily need to be excessively vibrant, with more neutral tones being popular.

Purple: If you are searching for a modern twist and contemporary theme, purple is a good selection, but interiors need to be flooded with natural light to pull off this striking look.

Green: This colour is perfect for homes constructed out of traditional red brick.

We all have different tastes, and your final selection will most likely reflect your individual style, personality, and outlook on life.

Our Range Of Front Door Colours

We have an inspiring range of coloured uPVC front doors that are durable, scratch-resistant, and resistant to corrosion. Our composite door colours can add a further dimension, with a range of textured and non-textured finishes.

Our portfolio has natural colours and finishes for contemporary architecture, warm tones and classic shades for new build and heritage properties, metallic finishes for modern architecture and restorations, and anodised powder-coated high-quality finishes with protective qualities.

Our colours are guaranteed to last, maintaining their looks for decades to come.

To get a price for your new front door or discuss the colour options available, please speak to a member of our team by calling 01922 214838.