2021 is a fantastic time to update front doors with the loosening of COVID-19 restrictions meaning more socialising and visitors to your home. Whether you want to make a dramatic impact as people approach your house or wish to blend in with traditional architecture, there are front doors that will please.

Exterior doors are a smart place to spend your money if you are preparing to sell your property today or years into the future. If security is on your mind, like-minded consumers have popularised front doors made to PAS 24 British Standards and accredited by the police’s Secured by Design initiative.

The Best Materials To Use

When looking to buy front doors, the material is an important choice. The material will affect the look of the home, and along with the locking mechanism, offer security for your family and belongings.

  • Composite doors – A top choice for creating a secure home, composite front doors, also known as GRP doors, bring the best characteristic of several materials together and remove the weaknesses of choosing one material alone, such as thermal conduction.
  • uPVC doors – Popularised because of their low maintenance levels, uPVC doors became popular in the 80s, although the quality of uPVC and the locks then are nothing compared to those available today. To get the best security, look for anti-snap and multi-point locking systems along with Secured by Design accreditation.
  • Aluminium doors – Metal front doors work well on homes with exposed brickwork and ducts. If your property is positioned in a manner that offers privacy from your neighbours, then you can be brave and go ultra-modern with a slimline frame and large panels of glass. To break the heat-conducting nature of metal, look for aluminium front doors with a thermal break in the frame.

On Trend & Classic Styles

You can let your personality shine with an on-trend or classic style. Some of the options available to you include:

  • Modernising a traditional home – Opt for a black door and frame with clear glass to create a timeless appearance, brought right up to date.
  • Maintaining a traditional look – If you want to retain the looks of a traditional home, then you can choose front doors made from modern materials but with classic looks created with molding and panels.
  • Pre-1940s homes – If you live in a pre-1940s home, then opting for a Tudor-style door will keep it in line with its original look. The most popular form of this age included an arch at the top, and modern replacements in this configuration are readily available.
  • Colour – No colour is off limits, but if you want to add a dash of personality, then green, orange, and purple are popular in 2021.

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