A warm, comfortable home with low energy bills and great natural light is something that we all wish for. To achieve this, we might need to make window repairs or consider windows replacement.

Many factors affect the performance and lifespan of windows, including the age, frame material, and original installation quality. We can help identify issues and help you decide if windows replacement is needed or whether restorative maintenance will bring back your home’s original charm, function, and character. 


The Warning Signs Of A Window In Need Of Replacement 

The first step is to recognise the warning signs that might indicate that you need new windows.

Warping is often a problem that homeowners notice, and it can affect timber and uPVC window frames. Usually, the sun’s strong UV rays are the culprit. Other problems can be visually spotted as well. Timber frames may rot and decay. uPVC frames may discolour over time, and cracks, scratches, and chips sometimes occur. 

One of the most noticeable signs that windows replacement is on the cards is condensation on windows or between the glazing. Condensation and water are two issues you want to tackle straight away because of the damage they can cause to your home. Mould may start to grow, and this can seriously impact your or your family’s health. A leak or an accumulation of moisture on the glass can drip on and damage window sills, the plaster on your walls, and the carpet on your floor.

Several reasons can cause windows or locks that stick or are difficult to open. Warping, movement of the house’s structure, a failing lintel, corrosion of metal parts, or windows that are painted shut can all be to blame.

If you hear lots of outside noise, such as road traffic and playing children, and still have single-pane windows, replacing windows with double glazing is an effective solution. Upgrading to triple glazing is an even more effective option.

Finally, high energy bills, drafts, cold spots by a window, or glass that is cold to touch, are all warning signs. Correctly fitted windows can reduce your heating bills by up to 10% or 25%. 


Repairing Your Windows 

Windows replacement isn’t always required. Sometimes we can replace locks, hinges, glazing, handles, and springs. In sash windows, chords and weights can be repaired, pulleys can be lubricated, and if we are replacing the glazing with heavier modern glass, new weights and counterbalances can be installed.

Worn or hardened weatherstrips and seals can be replaced to restore draughtproofing. However, if mist or fogging inside glazing exists, it is best to replace your windows.

Windows replacement, if needed, will improve your comfort, reduce your heating bills, and add value to your home.