Home security is paramount over the winter period if you want to keep your family, belongings, and Christmas gifts safe. We recommend regular maintenance and repair, or replacement of damaged or aging doors and windows to maximise door and window security.

If you decide to replace your door to bring your home security up to modern standards, composite doors offer the highest level of protection. Available in many styles and thousands of colours, these doors have virtually unbreakable locking systems, strong outer frames, and durable cores made from materials that offer resistance against tools such as sledgehammers and crowbars.

For example, the Solidor timber core composite door is 10% thicker than most alternatives, at 48mm thick. The core is encased in a thermoplastic skin and paired up with the largest deadbolt in the UK. 

Door security is further enhanced with either the Automatic AV2 or AV3 Mech Lock, which provides protection the moment the door is closed (Slam Shut Auto-Lock). A remote control device unlocks the door from a distance, but a key-operated multi-point lock is available as an alternative if you prefer low-tech.

Regular Door And Window Maintenance

Regular door maintenance and window maintenance plays a part in your window security and door security while also ensuring excellent continued visual appeal and energy efficiency. 

You should first clean your doors and windows to perform a regular check. Next, check for signs of tiny cracks beginning in the frames and panels. Cracks indicate that the structure of the door or window has been compromised and requires repair or replacement. Cracks can create a home for mildew and mould, giving you another reason to exclude them.

You should also check that the doors and windows close snuggly. Any gap will allow heat to escape from your home and create a point where a crowbar or other tool can be inserted to force the door or window open. Next, check if the operating mechanisms work smoothly. Sticking and rattling are signs of a problem and should be investigated by a professional door and window installer.

If you need door and window maintenance, repair, or a quote for replacement, contact our team and ensure your home security remains top-notch this winter