Doors and windows can be a primary opportunity for heat to escape or cold to enter over the winter months. So, it is no surprise that homeowners looking for comfort, regardless of the season, turn to insulated windows and insulated doors.

Insulated doors and windows will help you maintain a consistent and comfortable temperature, reduce your energy bills, and protect the environment by reducing your carbon footprint. Simply put, there is a reason and motive for everyone to insulate their home for winter.

Use Double Glazing To Keep In Heat

If you have any single-pane windows in your home, the heat you pay to create and coming from your radiators, fireplace, and other heaters will quickly vanish through them. Research shows that a single pane window can lose ten times more heat than the insulated wall next to them, so this is a significant issue to resolve.

Double glazing is affordable and creates an insulating barrier by trapping warm air between the two panes of glass and preventing it from escaping. Double glazed windows come in all shapes and sizes and can even replicate the looks and function of traditional sash windows, but without the heat loss.

If you add snug-fitting thermal curtains or blinds to your windows, close these overnight, and you could reduce airflow by as much as 25%. However, remember to open them when the sun shines. South-facing windows that flood interiors with sunlight will give a few degrees of heating for free.

Insulate Your Windows & Doors To Stop The Cold Getting In

Insulating doors with a gap at the bottom to stop the cold from getting in can be helped somewhat by fitting a winter-proof door sweep or new weather seals made from rubber, felt, or caulk. However, nothing beats replacing your door with a modern alternative that has integrated rubber door seals. These seals provide a snug fit across the bottom, top, and sides, preventing drafts and stopping the cold from getting in.

If your home has sliding glass doors, then it is essential to check the door track and keep this clean. Even a tiny amount of dust and dirt has the potential to create a gap where cold can get in or, worse still damaging water.

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