With windows, styles are plentiful, making it easier than ever to match them to your home’s design or have them create a look in their own right. Whether you are upgrading existing windows, renovating, building a new home, or adding an extension, there is a product that will suit you.

The glazing and frame are often the standout features in your home’s appearance, so making the right choice is essential. You will need to consider the style and the cost, efficiency, material, durability, and proportions of your house.

The window’s style can radically change how you use a room by bringing in natural light. Sleek, contemporary, traditional, or classic, your glazing choice is something to get excited about.

The Different Styles of Windows

The window styles for you to consider include uPVC, aluminium, tilt and turn, and sliding sash, as well as roof lanterns.

uPVC windows are available in any colour or with a wood grain effect. Perfect for modern and older homes, uPVC is durable and long-lasting. You can recreate almost any style, including Edwardian bay windows.

Aluminium windows are ideal for minimalist homes. They are light, flexible, and will not warp no matter what the weather throws at them. Aluminium is an eco-friendly option, and it will last for 30 years or more.

Tilt & turn windows provide excellent ventilation with added security. Typically made to order, these windows styles are great space savers, making them ideal for smaller rooms and families with small children. The frames can be uPVC or aluminium, giving you options for modern and traditional homes.

Sliding sash windows have an elegant aesthetic and are synonymous with the Victorian or Georgian era. You can retain your home’s authentic look while enjoying the thermal efficiency that a modern window delivers.

Roof lanterns bring in natural light where regular windows cannot be installed. They add design interest in solid ceilings, create the illusion of extra height, and let you see the stars at night.

Current Window Style Trends

The latest trends and developments in windows, styles, and materials have seen larger windows become more popular. Thermal performance is a critical buying factor if you are opting for large windows. They can be positioned to capitalise on solar gain. Low-E glass or triple glazing provides superior comfort, prevent overheating, and increase noise insulation.

uPVC is popular because it is inexpensive and requires little if any, maintenance. High windows have also come into their own and provide a solution where you want to retain privacy and let in natural light.