You are going to see the front door of your home every day, and it performs vital functions such as insulating your home and securing it against burglars. Making the right buying decision is crucial, and here we take you through the benefits of buying composite doors for your home.

Composite doors bring a variety of materials together so you can enjoy the benefits of each. Utilising different materials and the latest construction technologies make composite doors a superior choice for any homeowner.

Strong And Durable

Composite doors have a high-strength outer frame and multiple internal layers that make them extremely robust. The unit contains strong vertical steel bars and an expanded reinforcing mesh that forms part of the high-density core. Their endurance exceeds that of traditional timber and uPVC doors.

Together, these materials far exceed police-approved security standards (Secured by Design). The life expectancy of composite doors is thirty years or more, making them well worth paying a little extra for.

Virtually No Maintenance

These front, side, or rear doors require little maintenance and very rarely need repair. Composite doors are not prone to cracking, fading, or warping and simply require an occasional wipe down with soapy water to wash away dirt caused by splashing, the rain, or pets.

An Aesthetic Delight

It is easy to make a striking or subdued statement with composite doors available in almost any style you could imagine. Contemporary, traditional, and ultra-modern designs exist with an extensive colour range, including woodgrain effects and doors with a different colour on the inside and outside.

Thermally Efficient

Thermal efficiency is up there next to security and aesthetics because it will save you money and protect the environment. Double and triple glazing are options you can consider, and all composite doors have effective weather-tight seals that keep the heat in and the cold, wind, damp, rain, and snow out. The typical composite front door is 10% thicker than its alternatives, making them even warmer than uPVC.

Noise Insulating

It might not be the first thing you think of when looking to buy an exterior door for your home. However noise insulation is an attractive benefit. They create an effective barrier that keeps out traffic noise and sounds of children playing outdoors.

High Security Locks

The composite construction provides physical strength, but any door is only as strong as its locking mechanism. Ensure you choose a composite door that is Secured by Design accredited and has anti-pick, anti-drill, and anti-snap cylinder locks.

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