There are several materials in use for making front doors, including wood, plastic, and aluminium. Homeowners sometimes feel unsure as to which material has the best properties, such as security, insulation, and aesthetics. Aluminium doors quickly rise to the top of the list when we consider these characteristics.

Here we look at the benefits of choosing an aluminium front door.

Great Insulation

Aluminium doors provide excellent acoustic and thermal insulation. The insulating properties keep the cold and noise outdoors and warmth within your home.

By choosing aluminium doors with a thermal break, you will reduce your energy bills and carbon footprint. If you live on a main road or a cul de sac where children play, then your home can achieve new levels of peace and tranquillity.

Incredibly Long Lasting

Aluminium doors are manufactured to exact dimensions with tiny tolerances. The accuracy of the workmanship is unparalleled, and this gives you a precision fit, which results in an incredibly long and problem-free life.

Aluminium is a composite material and provides the strength of steel but at a lesser weight. Strong and light, aluminium doors are also incredibly stable and do not warp, shrink, rust, rot, or swell under extremely hot, cold, or wet weather.

You can opt for a powder-coated finish, and this provides colour preservation. The front door will not fade or discolour when it is exposed to the elements.

Keep Burglars Out

Even basic-level aluminium doors can offer excellent security. Look for doors designed to specifications set out by the Association of Chief Police Officers (Secured by Design) and choose from a range of security accessories and door handles.

Environmentally Friendly And Sustainable

Aluminium is wholly recyclable, and many years down the line, the material can be reclaimed and used to make new aluminium, with just 5% of the energy used to source the original material.

Incredible Design Choice

Few materials can be worked into so many different designs, and this is perfect if you want a door that is ultra-modern or blends in with the original architecture of your home or neighbourhood. There are almost no limitations with simple through to extravagant, finished in any colour of your choosing. RAL colours, glossy or matte finishes, and realistic wood grains are all on the cards.

The lightness of aluminium further opens up your options to include glass in the design. Small or large glazing panels can be incorporated and used to bring in a little or a lot of natural light.

If the entranceway to your home is larger than the dimensions of a regular opening, then aluminium and glass top and side panels can be added for a custom fit.

Simple Maintenance

Aluminium entrance doors require little care to keep them in top condition. An occasional wipe down with water and a mild alkaline or pH-neutral detergent or cleaning agent washes away dirt.

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