Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride is a form of plastic used in the construction of UPVC windows. UPVC windows’ advantages are so plentiful they are one of the most popular choices for homeowners living in the city, town, coastal, and rural areas.

Strong, resilient, and robust, UPVC windows are considerably cheaper than timber or aluminium framed windows.

This material’s versatile nature allows you to choose the precise colour, style, and shade that you desire. You can also opt for woodgrain effects, giving you the beautiful look of wood without the maintenance. You can forget about repainting or varnishing with these units lasting for decades and only need an occasional wipe with soapy water.

UPVC windows offer high levels of security, keeping opportunistic burglars at bay. The frames are light but sturdy and are paired up with your choice of locking and multi-locking mechanisms.

They will not corrode, rust, rot, or weather, and they are protected against the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays, so they will not fade even after prolonged periods under intense sunlight.

The material works in combination with double or triple glazing to reduce noise pollution. They can reduce outside noise by up to 70%. UPVC is also resistant to salt, making them an excellent choice for homeowners and businesses located close to the sea. 

Energy Rating

Having a warm and cosy home is often the driving force behind choosing UPVC units. Almost everyone wants energy-efficient windows because they will help you save on your energy bills and consumption. Energy-saving windows are great for your pocket and the environment, providing everyday thermal comfort.

UPVC energy rated windows are mostly made from recyclable materials and can last forty years or more. They can be recycled up to ten times, further minimising their environmental impact.

UPVC material is not only a low heat conductor, but it is incredibly versatile. Windows come with various opening styles that allow you to create excellent airflow and ventilation. When you want to open your room up and give it an air, you can tilt or turn the window for the best results. 

Window Installation

Installation of our UPVC windows is handled by our professional fitters who have decades of experience fitting windows into all types of property. We offer a friendly and efficient service that will allow you to upgrade your home and enjoy the benefits these windows provide.