When we think of the performance of our windows, our focus is often on winter and cold weather. However, the UK is increasingly experiencing hotter summers and, on occasion, extreme temperatures that we would associate with Southern European and Mediterranean countries.

A hot and stuffy home will quickly make you uncomfortable and irritable. Sleepless sweaty nights, feeling too hot to do anything and thinking twice before turning your cooker on are all signs that you need to summer-proof your windows and find the comfort you and your family deserve.

Here we offer five tips that will help you keep your cool through summer.

1. Insulation

Choosing window frames that offer insulation is a vital part of the picture if you are replacing your windows. New window frames can have multi-chamber pockets that prevent the movement of heat. The larger these chambers are, the better they perform.

If you are keeping your existing windows, you can boost their performance by adding insulating weather strips.

2. Great Ventilation

Great ventilation can make a huge difference to your comfort levels on a hot day. A natural breeze helps you stay cool, and if it is extremely hot, you can open windows on the shaded side of the home and close them on the sunny side. As the day transitions from morning to afternoon, depending on the orientation of your home, you will likely close the windows on one side and open them on the other as the sun moves from east to west in the sky.

If security is a concern, you could consider tilt and turn windows that open a small way to allow ventilation, but not enough for a person to enter your home.

3. Use Shutters Or Blinds

Shutters and blinds help keep the sun’s heat outside by reflecting strong sunshine and by creating a third barrier when fitted to double glazed windows. If you want to keep the heat out while also allowing ventilation, shutters work well, and blinds are useful as long as the wind is not blowing too strongly.

Cellular shades are another option, and these, like window frames, have pockets of trapped air that prevent heat gain. Good quality cellular shades can reduce heat gain by more than 50%.

4. Consider Window Film

Special window films are an inexpensive and effective way to improve window performance. While you won’t get the same benefits as moving from a single pane to double glazed windows, this is an easy way to keep the heat outside and something that anyone with a bit of DIY experience can tackle.

5. Invest In Energy Efficient Windows

Upgrading your windows and investing in energy-efficient windows is, of course, the ultimate solution to keeping your home cool during summer. The glass can have coatings applied to it that keep the heat outside in the summer and inside during the winter. In addition to this, the space between the panes of glass can be filled with insulating gases.

For further advice on summer proofing your windows or for a quote on new double glazing, please contact our team on 01922 214838.