When it comes to the security of your home, you may not have given much thought to front door safety. Properties identified by thieves as possible targets typically have little or no security on their front doors. That is why front doors are an essential part of and often the first line of defense for the best home security systems.

We explore the best ways to improve the security of the exterior doors in your home to make sure you and your property are protected. These front door safety tips will enhance the security of your home and give you peace of mind.

1. Good Quality Door

When it comes to front doors and finding the best one for your home, a door made of suitable quality materials is essential. Adding the best locks or sophisticated security systems will be useless if someone can kick in the door. If you choose a weak door, an intruder can barge through it by either breaking the door itself or splitting the frame to force the lock.

The most secure front doors have a solid construction, such as composite or UPVC doors. Solid doors, including wooden doors, will stay in place a lot better than hollow core doors.

2. The Right Lock For The Right Door

When you have chosen a door with a solid construction, the next thing to think about is the locks. There are many locking mechanisms on the market, and some are more secure than others. Some locks work best with certain types of front doors, so make sure you choose the right system for your door.

Mortice locks and night latches work best with wooden doors, while slam, level, or spindle locks are commonly used on composite doors. If you have UPVC doors, high-quality cylinder locks, ideally, anti-snap locks work best. Additional systems can add even more security, such as door bars and security chains.

3. Police Approved

Secured by Design products are items that have been awarded a ‘Police Preferred Specification’ status. Companies providing Secured by Design doors and locks meet the highest standards set by the scheme. Choosing security systems with this logo means you are getting products that have been successfully tested and are part of the initiative to improve the security of buildings and prevent crime.

4. Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is an excellent way to enhance the overall security of your home. Ensuring all areas of the house’s exterior are well lit, including the front door, garden areas, and other access points, will make it a less appealing option to intruders.

You can choose lighting that comes on at night and stays on throughout the darker hours or use lights with sensors that will come on when someone comes onto the property. Ensure lights are placed in areas where people can hide or above access points to make it easier to see if someone is trying to get into your home.


CCTV cameras are a significant deterrent to burglars, so they will make your property much less susceptible to break-ins. By positioning the cameras prominently around the property, you will make your house much less likely to be targeted than a home without CCTV. Should a burglary occur, you will have excellent evidence to identify the culprits and possibly get your stolen items back.

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